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Crystal Water

For some ten years ago I got an advice which, as I believe, entirely changed my life at least what my health concerns, when I by some odd reason got into a conversation with an almost to me unknown person, and we was to talk about health problems and illnesses in connection with stress and stressed stomachs. 

At that time I really had such a problem, but we weren't discussing that, but a problem related to the husband of the woman I was talking with. She told me that he had for long had very severe problems with his stomach due to stress and alcohol, and that he also had gone through many surgical operations for his illness. Telling about this to another friend she then got the advise to buy a crystal and make crystal water for him to drink, which she also did.

Of course her husband objected at first, but then he begun to drink only the crystal water for a period, and to his own (and his wife's) amazement and of course pleasure his illness faded out, and had to that day she told it to me, not returned. And what more neither he nor she (naturally she also started to drink of this water instead for the water from the tap) had had a day of illness of any sort after that "crystal water" day.

I wasn't late to try this, after all it didn't cost much - and the result was the same for me as for the one who told me and for her husband - no stomach problem, and I haven't been ill (slightly affected, but never ill) for more than 10 years now. 

Every morning a good glass of the Crystal water, and then during the rest of the day I avoid drinking anything but just this Crystal water. And even if I didn’t knew how it worked, I know it DID work, so even if I travel I take it with me, a crystal and water in a glass bottle.

How it works is still an enigma to me, even if the information below about Dr Masaru Emoto’s findings seem to open some doors or shade some light upon it.

This is how the lady told me to do make the Crystal Water;

Take a clear and well-cleaned rock crystal of the size of a thumb (clean it either by keeping it in sea salt for a day, and/or under running cold water) and hold it in the left hand point to base between your forefinger and thumb.

A crystal as 6 sides or 3 pair of sides, so grip the opposite sides of one of  the crystal’s pairs with the right hands forefinger and thumb.

Now assign the crystal to its duty by reading into it an affirmation, as for an example “Clean my water, and give it to keep me healthy” (ok, I felt myself rather silly doing it the first times, but on the other hand nobody was there witnessing it, so what the heck).

Now rotate the crystal and grip the next pair of its sides and repeat the affirmation, then once again. To “conceal” the crystal the instructions finally told that the crystal should be drawn through a flame of a candle. Well, don’t know about that, but ok, do that and it’s all ready.   

Hint: These crystals can also be programmed for a variety of other duties such as “help quit smoking” or “make me a better driver”, “help me bare with those who annoy me”, and the procedure is the same, only the affirmation changes, so go ahead, try that, you might be amazed.

Now take a well cleaned pitcher of clear GLASS (not plastic) of about 1- 1,5 liters (about 2 pints), pour it full with water and drop the crystal in it. Now, depending on your taste, put the pitcher either in the refrigerator, or in the light on a windowsill or else close to a window, and that’s it – after some hours it’s ready to be enjoyed.    

As I said I don’t really know how this works. Well, this was until not for late when I found the information below on the Net. It doesn’t give many hints about the rock crystals and crystals in such forms, but it DOES give at least some hints about water, and of course about water crystals, so..  

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Water Crystals

There is a Japanese alternative medicine practitioner, Dr Masaru Emoto, who have for some time made; research into water, and the many intriguing photographs he has taken of frozen water crystals using a very profound technique.

What he does is to take a 1 c.c. sample of water from any location, and freezes it at -25 degrees Centigrade for two and a half hours. The resultant nipple-like blob measures 1.5 cm, which he removes from the freezer, and then mounts it on an ice-box that is part of an assembly also consisting of a microscope and a camera. Once the water sample 'thaws' down to -5 degrees Centigrade, Dr Emoto then starts to photograph it at high microscopic magnification. The resultant image shows a crystalline pattern, often hexagonal or with rose-like clusters. The birth of these crystalline formations in the sample measures at about 0.1 mm, growing and growing as it forms a pattern. About 50 pictures can be taken from one sample.

It would appear as if these various crystalline patterns can offer some kind of a symbolic message, which Dr Emoto believes indicates the quality of the water, whether it is natural or artificial, etc.

For example, Dr Emoto said that he could never obtain crystalline structures from tap water in Tokyo. He has photographed frozen water samples from various municipal sources around the world, such as Los Angeles, London and Paris. He has also photographed frozen samples of Lourdes water from France, Mount Cook glacier water from New Zealand, and Columbia glacier water from Canada... to name a very few.

Not only that, he has subjected distilled water to various kinds of auditory, visual, written and electromagnetic stimuli in order to gauge water's reaction to them. Again, the results are often intriguing. He would subject water to certain words ("Thank you", "You fool", "Love", "Peace", "War" "Cosmos" ...) or certain images (e.g. cherry blossoms, coral reef, Stonehenge, Macchu Picchu). He has also exposed water to various kinds of music, including popular and classic tunes.

It would seem as if this led Dr Emoto to researching the impact of prayer on water sources. In one instance, he conducted an experiment where he got about 500 people to pray to tap water at the same time. He photographed frozen samples of the water before and after the prayer sessions.

The resultant pattern after the prayers was one that Dr Emoto described as

"beautiful crystals formed with chi, soul & spirit of 500 people". He did the same kind of experiment with water from a dam in Japan, where monks prayed to the water for about a week. Again, he regarded the resultant patterns as beautiful, amazing and "changed my life". 

Because of his work, Dr Emoto has come to believe that words are "hado" (vibration) and that words came from nature, which in turn determined which words were dangerous and which words were beautiful. He also believes that crystals are manifestations of vibrations.

Dr Emoto has planned a mass prayer to be held at the upper Jordan River on the 25th July 2003. As I understand, this is intended to aid the cause of world peace, particularly for the Israelis and Palestinians. It is called "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", details of which can be viewed at

Dr Emoto's work has been compiled into two books called "Messages From Water" Volumes 1 & 2, see 
Hado Kyoikusha/Publishing, Japan, at

To look at sample photos from the books, visit these URL's:

An image of Dr Emoto choice is taken from Vol. 2, which is related to an experiment he did with a picture of a crop circle, one of the more simple crop circle patterns that has emerged from southern England.
According to the text, he placed a container of distilled water on top of a crop circle pattern
known as 'Japanese origami'. The two circular photos at the left of the scan show the resultant image.
Dr Emoto uses two words to describe the patterns - "artificial" and "UFO". 
When comparing them to some of the more intricate, crystalline water patterns he has photographed, one can see what he mean. 

There are of course much more to say about this. To learn more, also visit the following links; 
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