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The "Ardors Account" is an excerpt from the book
"Towards the Light"  (available at - which book
is a result of a group-channeling via a media or mediator
 Mrs. Johanne Agerskov in Denmark during the years 1919-39,
and published by Amelius Publishers in Denmark.

This huge material gives an interesting view seen from a
religious/philosophical point, but by making it available
on this web-site doesn't by any necessity mean any
immediate agreement to every word of it by any of
those in connection with the AZAIYA Website.

Naturally it is up to any of those reading it
to form their own opinion about it all.

Please also note that the language of this account is
adapted to a common understanding 1919-39, and
that much water have run under the bridges ever since.

This is the version divided into 7 pages. For the FULL page version, click HERE



I greet you in the name of our God and Father!

I Ardor, have been sent to you by the Almighty to answer your questions, and I have promised to form my thoughts so that the words by which the thoughts are rendered can be understood by human beings.

But I ask you to remember that the word is but the means whereby divine thought is revealed unto human beings; for many believe that the word is in God, and of God, but this is not so. Words, in the form you know them, are of earthly origin. But the simpler the word, the more clearly will it convey the thought, which comes from God and is in God - The Mind and The Will in  The Light of One - the source of all that is.

Has God Existed through all Eternity, and is God a Personal Being?

Through all eternity Darkness was everywhere.

In the Darkness was the Light; in the Light were Mind and Will. 
But the Mind and Will were not in the Darkness.

Unknown eternities passed.

Slowly, Mind and Will were drawn toward each other.
Slowly, the Light spread, it became brighter and purer.

It was dawn.

Unknown eternities passed.

Mind and Will drew more closely toward each other.
The Light spread more and more, it shone with radiant beauty.

It was morning.

Again, unknown eternities passed.

Mind and Will drew closer still toward each other.
The Light welled forth everywhere, it blazed clear, fair and glorious .

It was day.

Again, unknown eternities passed.

Mind and Will became united.

Then there arose from the Light, by the power of the union of Mind and Will, a blazing figure, a spiritual Being - God. But in the same moment God caused twelve radiant figures, spiritual beings, to emerge from the Light. And these became the Helpers of God, God's Servants.

And this was the beginning of time.

But no human being is, and no human being ever will be, able to gauge the eternities that have passed from
the beginning of time until this day, your time.
When God arose from the Light, Darkness was vanquished, but not destroyed. By the power of Thought-Will, He brought Darkness under the concealing waves of the sea of Light.

To separate and to purify the evil and the vile, God causes Darkness to flow through His flaming Being in eternally swirling waves. Slowly, Darkness diminishes, but when that day will come when all evil and everything vile has been absorbed by the Light and purified by God 's flaming Self is known unto Him alone, who is all-knowing.

When God arose from the Light, He was perfect - all-knowing, all-loving, almighty. And He endowed His Helpers with much knowledge, much love and much power.

By Mind and Will and from the Light, He formed and created a vast Kingdom, perfect in its glory.

By Mind and Will and from the Light, He formed and created abodes for Himself and for His Helpers.

Then God became the Creator, the Light of One, and the Father of all.

But I can describe nothing of this Kingdom and of these abodes, nothing that can be comprehended by human beings. For compared with the glorious Kingdom of God even the most beautiful place on Earth is misty and cold.

How did the Angels Enter the Kingdom of God, and what is their Relationship to God?

Possibilities for infinite forms of life rested in God, for God bore all creation within Him.

By Mind, Light and Will, and from His own flaming Being, He formed and created thousands upon thousands of glorious, graceful figures spiritual beings - the Angels.

And He endowed them with wisdom, with love and with power; and He gave them all abodes in His vast Kingdom.

Then God became the Father.

When God and His twelve Helpers emerged and arose from the Light they were two within themselves, for they bore within their nature all that is male and all that is female.

But the beings God created from His own Self were created to be one within themselves , to be man and woman , destined to fulfil and complement each other in wisdom and in love, destined to be separate for ever - to be two - and yet be one.

God bestowed His deep, His infinite love upon these, His own children, for they were of Him, with Him and within Him. And He was truly in them all.

And they lived a life of splendour and joy in God's Kingdom.

And God endowed them with the power and the will to study and to learn. And His Helpers instructed them in the laws and the secrets of the Light; taught them to form and to create by Mind and from the Light.

But the Helpers of God had not the power to solve the mystery of life, which only He knew - He who was, and is, the Lord of the Fixed Design and Life.

How and for what Purpose did God Create the Globes of the Universe?

Many aeons passed.

The Father rejoiced in the progress of His children in wisdom and in love.

Behold, there arose in God the thought of creating new beings.

And He decided to create them beautiful and good, with possibilities open to them of attaining, under the guidance of His elder children, the same fullness of wisdom and love.

And He decided to prepare dwelling places for His still uncreated children, dwellings in which they could live a life of beauty and joy, striving toward the fulness of the Light, and toward His Kingdom o Glory.

Then God laid the plan and gave the laws for the making and being of the Universe.

By Mind and Will and from the Light, God formed and created four mighty spheres of Light, and in their fiery bosoms He laid down numerous forms of life.

Borne in space by God's Thought, holding fast to one another by equal attraction, by equal repulsion, these glowing suns swing two and two, opposite each other, in eternal orbit about God's Kingdom.

But from these mother suns, all the globes of the Universe were hurled out and formed.

Borne and arranged in space by God's Thought, they all swing in fixed paths, according to given laws.

Were Human Beings Created by God? From where and for what
Reason have Sin and Death Come to Afflict the Human Race?

Many aeons passed.

Then God saw that dense fogs veiled certain of the globes that He had formed. And He saw, in His wisdom, that after some eternities had passed these would serve as dwelling places for the beings He thought to create.

Behold, then He chose one globe, your world - the Earth.

By Mind and from the Light, God formed a radiantly splendid spiritual world about the fogs and vapours of the Globe, that the Light from this realm of beauty might pervade and shine upon the Earth and mould it in the likeness of the spiritual ideal that He had formed.

Slowly, the Light spread over the Earth to ready it for life, to make it fruitful, and to draw from its bosom the dormant possibilities for the many forms of life.

Some eternities passed.

Then God saw that the fogs about the Globe were lighter and less dense. And He knew, in His wisdom, that after a time the Earth would near its completion.

Then God spoke unto His children.

And He said: "I, your Father, wish to give you a part in My creation, for I shall create new beings, create them from My own Self and from the strong radiations of the Globe. I shall create them beautiful and good, with possibilities open to them of receiving, under your guidance, everything through the Light. And they shall live a life in beauty and joy on one of the globes that I have formed, on the one which I have chosen for that purpose. In the fulness of time shall I choose from among you some, and unto these shall I give a dwelling in the world I have created about the Earth; for from there shall they lead My youngest children, lead them along the paths of the Light, until they reach My Kingdom of Glory. But the chosen leaders may, when they so desire, return unto their abodes in this My Kingdom, that they may rest; for no work is done well, if it is not accompanied by rest."

And God bade His Helpers to show them the Earth and the world which encompassed it. and whereafter it had been formed.

And they all went forth unto this world.

But God's Helpers instructed His children in much of what was to come. And they understood that their Father would give them a difficult task to fulfil.

Some time passed.

God's children spoke among themselves of whom their Father would choose. And many of the Eldest believed that the choice should fall upon them.

And they often went unto this new-formed world about the Earth and remained there at length, and they were much pleased to abide there, for it was truly beautiful.

Some time passed.

Then some of the Eldest said: "Why does our Father not create? Behold, the Earth is now ready for habitation. Why, then, does our Father tarry?"

But at that same moment God caused His voice to be heard in warning .

And God said: "My children, return unto your abodes in My Kingdom; for I have not chosen you; only they are fit who have patience. "

And they all heard the voice of their Father. But they returned not; for they still believed that the choice should fall upon them.

Again, some time passed.

Then one of the Eldest said: "Still our Father tarries and we grow impatient. Let us seek to solve the mystery of life and create the new beings ourselves; for then will they be our children, and our power over them will be greater yet."

And they all became of one mind.

By thought and from the Light, the Eldest sought to form and to create spiritual beings. But they were not able to solve the mystery of life.

Then they grew still more impatient. And some said: "We know that life dwells also in Darkness. Let us avail ourselves thereof."

Once more God caused His voice to be heard.

And God said: "My children, return unto your abodes in this My Kingdom; for I have not chosen you; only they are fit who have patience. But you, who waver between good and evil, between Darkness and the Light, you are not worthy to lead others. My children, I say unto you: never will you fathom the mystery of life that is in the Light, though you seek through all eternity; for you arose not by the strength of your own will, you were formed and created by Me, your Father, formed and created from My own Self. But you, who are of Me, though you have the power to create from Darkness, the power to solve its mystery of life, yet I say unto you: do not concern yourselves therewith! For the life of Darkness is not everlasting! For in Darkness is the seed for all that is evil - for sin and for death! But should you nevertheless avail yourselves of evil and call yourselves its masters, beware, lest you become its servants!"

And they all heard God's voice.

But they heeded it not; for they were greatly impatient.

Then the Elder of the Eldest stood forth.

And he said: "Our Father says that the life of Darkness is not everlasting; but we know not this to be so!

"Let us seek to create from Darkness, and is the life thereof not everlasting, then shall we return unto our abodes and remain there to await our Father's call."

Once more God's voice sounded unto them.

And God said: "My son! Why do you concern yourself with evil? Beware, lest you become its servant! For I alone am the Lord Almighty.

"Know you, My son, that the beings that you can draw forth from Darkness by the strength of your thought will never bless you, but only curse you and that whereof they were created. For you shall know that each life, however wretched and lowly it may be, will always strive toward the Light, toward that which became victorious through Me. My son, do you avail yourself of evil, then will Darkness bind you and all who follow you - bind you - until your children have learnt to pity you rather than curse you.

"My son, My children! I have spoken unto you, that you may choose that which is right."

And they all heard God's voice. But none took heed; for they were all of one accord.

Then God, their Father, fell silent; for God compels no one to do that which is right. But He looked with sorrow upon their conduct.

Much time passed.

By the strength of Mind and Will, the Eldest sought to draw forth Darkness from the concealing sea of the Light.

Slowly the Light receded and Darkness broke forth.

In heavy waves it whelmed over them, flowed through them, bound them to itself, defiled and bewildered their thoughts.

In heavy waves Darkness surged through their glorious world, ravaged it and laid it waste, while dense fogs laid their dwellings in ruin and took away the pure, radiant colours, while evil vapours spread everywhere.

In heavy waves Darkness whelmed over the Globe, made it fruitful and brought forth some of the many dormant forms of life.

But the Eldest saw with horror the destruction of all that was beautiful.

And they said: "How came this to pass? For this was not our will, for this was not in our thoughts.

Truly, the power of Darkness is awesome!"

Much time passed.

God's Youngest children grieved deeply over the evil that had come to pass.

And they agreed to go forth unto the ravaged Kingdom to call back their brothers and sisters.

And they all departed to that place.

The Eldest heard their calling voices, and they all listened. But the calls sounded distant and faint, and the Eldest dared not answer; for they could not see the radiant figures of their brothers and sisters; for the fogs and vapours of Darkness covered all.

Then the Youngest grieved still more.

And they returned once more unto God's Kingdom of Glory; but they were not able to forget the evil they had seen. And they went unto their Father.

And they said: "Father, forgive our brothers and sisters! Father, bid them to return!"

But God answered them and said: "I bid no one to do that which is right; it is not I, but their evil deeds that bind them to Darkness. But for the sake of your prayer will I sound My voice unto them at the passing of each aeon of time, that they should remember that which they have forsaken, and repent of what they have done. For are they able to repent, then will the Light in their hearts loose them from the binding power of Darkness and draw them back unto their rightful Home; and I, their Father, shall forgive them; for I love you all. "

Then the Youngest fell silent, for they saw that their Father's grief was without bound.

Much time passed.

The Eldest sought to create anew their ravaged Kingdom, but they were not able to do this. Dense fogs and vapours overturned and laid waste all that they sought to build up. And they were homeless amid their imperfect dwellings.

All was barren and dark. And there was no gladness.

Much time passed.

Then the Elder said: "We are not able to make this straight, for we lack the power to do so. Let us descend unto the Earth, for I see that there is Darkness also."

And they all descended to that place.

But then became their horror greater still; for Darkness was there still darker, the fogs still more dense, and the vapours exceeding hot.

But life was everywhere .

For Darkness had drawn forth many forms of monstrous, hideous and awesome creature; for Darkness had brought forth manifold foul and pallid growths. Devoid of order, these sprouted and grew among each other - small, large and mighty.

But these ugly growths and these hideous creatures were to the Eldest the first forms of plant and the first forms of beast upon the Earth; for they had not seen how Darkness had corrupted all that

was already created under the radiance of the Light; for they had not seen how Darkness had made fruitful and called forth some of the manifold dormant forms of life.

But filled with wonder, the Eldest beheld the evil and the hideous.

Mighty beasts waded in the swamps and tramped upon the Earth. Some moved ponderously through the air, others meandered through the waters, many let out roars and terrifying cries.

All was disorder and confusion.

The Eldest saw the beasts multiply and bring forth new creatures.

And they saw them attack one another, hurl one another to the ground, tear and trample one another asunder.

But those that fell unto the ground rose not again.

And the Eldest saw that the torn bodies of the beasts slowly dissolved and soaked into the ground, while evil vapours spread everywhere. And they saw dark shadows rise from the torn bodies, saw them slowly absorbed by the Darkness that compassed them about.

Then the Elder said: "Truly, the life of Darkness does not endure; for we see the earthly bodies dissolve and soak into the ground, and we see the spiritual bodies be swallowed up by the Darkness that is about them. Thus, all returns to that from which it was taken. Truly, this is death! The power of Darkness is awesome!"

And they wandered further across the Earth.

But everywhere was the same life, the same confusion.

Then the Elder said: "These creatures we can never lead, for we have not the power. But let us now carry out our thought: to form and to create earthly beings after our own likeness; let us endow them with the power and the will to multiply and bring forth new beings. For we have seen that not the single being, but the kind lives on. And when we have formed and created our children, then shall we lead them, that they may become rulers over the Earth, and we shall give them such power that they can make themselves lords over these beasts."

And the Eldest became all of one mind, for they thought that this was good.

But then God's voice sounded unto them; for an aeon had passed from the time when God had promised his youngest children that He would help their fallen brothers and sisters.

And God said: "My children, I, your Father, speak unto you, that you may remember that which you have forsaken, and repent of what you have done; for are you able to repent, then will the Light in your hearts deliver you from the binding power of Darkness and draw you back unto your rightful Home; and I, your Father, shall forgive you. "

The Eldest heard God's voice; but it sounded distant and faint.

And they all were filled with fear. And they dared not answer.

Then God fell silent; for He compels no one to do that which is right. But He looked with sorrow upon their conduct.

Much time passed.

By thought and from the radiations of Darkness and of the Earth, the Eldest tried to form and to create earthly beings in their own likeness. But their thoughts were confused, and they made many vain attempts.

Again much time passed, while they sought to fashion the images of their thoughts in the earthly clay.

And after much toil and after much trouble, the Eldest succeeded in forming creatures that were able to breathe and to live in the dense fogs and vapours of the Earth.

These beings were the first of the human race. But they were not beautiful in any way, neither were they good, nor were their creators able to endow them with power, but only with the lust for power.

Truly, human beings were not formed and created by God, but were formed and created by God's eldest, fallen children.

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