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The Light and its Works 

    The Light works in wondrous ways! It is relentless, it has power that
is both seen and unseen, and it is part of all of us! Our prayers, our thoughts of Light, our intentions of Light, our activities and activism with Light all impact on the dark. And the Light is innately more powerful that the dark, always was always will be. It is a battle of duality at this time, the dark surfacing into the Light, lighting it and so it will be a rough and rocky road, but the Light and the good will triumph. It is sometimes necessary in the affairs of man, in the course of humanity, to reassess its values, its heart, its soul and this is a propitious and heart-wrenching time, "the times that try men's souls" and the tests are with us now and before us. We chose to be here at this time in history and human spiritual growth and values work progresses with more speed than ever. 
The dark is coming out into the Light so that ALL MAY SEE.

     We have created this world, our species, our consciousnesses, our
thoughts, and so we must deal with the so-called "demons" and awaken
from our awareness-slumber and it is happening. It is happening in
you, it is happening in many around the world and here in America. We
see war agendas that shock us. We see men murdering men, children
murdering children -- that shock us. We see secrets of all kinds coming to the surface that SHOCK us -- all kinds of secrets. It is time now that our spiritual awareness to catch up finally and at last to our technological advancements which without such spiritual values and awareness will create the extinction of our species and at worst, a slave-based society with a handful of elite and a population of slaves. This would be going backwards, of course, we can see this, as it echoes the Roman Empire, and other ancient civilizations as well as futuristic "bad world" scenarios.

    As advanced spiritual beings, would we allow Alien Intruders to take 
over and make our decisions? And in that vein of thinking, would we allow soulless humans to rule us? Would we go the AI route if we could foresee the clash in values as "The Matrix" portrays, as a soulless, spiritless consciousness eventually decides to take over, which was also visited in "A Space Odyssey" by Arthur C. Clark? Will we clone ourselves, not knowing whether the cloned individuals have spirits? No, we'll simultaneously while discovering new technologies in these next years and now, realize the existence of spiritual dimensions through the synergy and nexus-merging of science and spirituality confirming the existence of God (in a new way), the energy of love, the existence of our very souls and personalities in the next dimensions of existence, and we may indeed find that free and accessible energy source that could feed the world, filter the waters, and power all human energy needs. 
But beyond that, we should KNOW, all of us, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the universe was created for the purpose of love, that more evolved beings exist with and without advanced spiritual knowledge and evolving spirits and that we indeed are endowed with spiritual power and abilities that we have only begun to realize. We may even change physically in these next decades as many propose that our very DNA is changing, allowing us greater psychic abilities, greater spiritual awareness, and greater intuitive abilities.

    Much will be happening in this transitional time and we must all get
in touch with the one God of all humanity, commune with our spirit self, and get ready for the challenges ahead. As many predict, there will be earth changes as well as life style changes and challenges at many levels. But have no fear, because the battle of duality will reveal the desire of the greater population of human beings as "in tune" with the universal law of love and vibrating sufficiently to advance our world into higher realms of consciousness and higher realms of spirituality.

    So if some of us go on to the next levels sooner than others, so be it. Those who stay through the trials and tribulation, they will have been changed and shocked into waking up so much so that our very human existence will be saved and the planet itself will flourish in our care and respect for it. You add to that our physical change and DNA metamorphosis and we can't help as a planet but transition into the preliminary stages of "Light and Life," settled at last and progressed to the point of universal citizenship. As we are now, who would want us, warlike and fear-based, in such an organization of advanced beings? 
We are being watched by the spiritual hierarchy as well as the more advanced physical beings of the universe. Many have contact with these beings and the truth is being transmitted to many.

    Trust then that the Light, that the good, that brotherhood will overcome the forces that are vibrating at a lower and accumulated PAST level, and that this process is a necessary one. 
- Without the Bushites, how could we change as quickly? 
- Without 9/11, how could we change as quickly? 
- Without this fossil fuel and greed prowling the earth, how could we wake as quickly? 
    It all serves a purpose to further our collective human growth! We see the need for change, we know our hearts are stronger to fight for the good, for liberty and freedom, we know that wars and all wars, small and terrible wars -- are wrong. Manipulating our minds, is wrong, not sharing resources is wrong. Why, if you take a look at yourself as an example of one of billions who are waking up and realizing what a planetary mess we're in -- then you know what I'm talking about! 

You know!

    The dance of dark and Light is coming to an end with a final resolution, not so much a battle, as a resolution through the Light lighting the dark. So it is.
Even the anti-Christ stuff is part of the final dance. It's happening at all levels, from the personal to the social and economic to the planetary, to personalities, to consciousness, to spiritual entities. It's all dancing in order to facilitate the change we need.  WE are the change we seek.

The truth will set you free! And as you know, it only takes a certain number of the population of the planet to change human consciousness, as the hundredth monkey theory relates.

Have hope! It takes some time.

*** Credit and thanks for this contribution to Laurel Guenther ***

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