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bullet The Light and its Works
bullet The Will
bulletThe Song of Love
bulletThe Forgiveness
bulletThe Star of Soul
bulletKarma and Reincarnation
bulletCrystal Water
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bullet Seven Cosmic Laws
bulletTwenty Universal Laws
bulletThe Prayer
bullet The Will To Persist

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bulletDr Turi's Divine Astrology
bulletHeart Lights Ministry
bulletProposition One and the Great Hazard
bullet Taurnet-The Sodertorn E-zine (Swedish)
bulletThe Declaration of Global Ethics
bullet The Final Warning
bulletThe Survival Bible 2002
bulletWE International
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bulletGlobal Consciousness Project
- an international collaboration of researchers
interested in the possibility that "great events
create a coherent consciousness field".
bullet Enuma Elish
bulletHyper Physics
bulletThe New Geometry
bulletThe Shell Universe
bullet Universe Today
bullet Sacred Texts


Kahlil Gibrain - The Prophet
Maya Prophesy
Prophecy And Earth Changes
The Hopi Way
The Hopi Prophesy
The Night of the Red Sky


Archangel MICHAEL
Ashoka and Dharma
Crystal Links - Nibiru
Cyrus the Persian - by Herodotus
Josephus War II Chapt 8
Nature of Government
Or, Orgene, DOR and Reich
Rare Insights
The Essene 364 day Calendar
The Hidden Structures of Water
The Seven Archangels and Commands
The Solar vs. Lunar Calendar
Towards Light (full)
Towards Light (7/7)
Year 2012 - and beyond


bulletAldous Huxley Quotes
bulletEinstein Quotes
bulletEinstein Quotes II
bulletQuotes From Friends Around


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The One Truth hath many sides 
And one see one side only, another see another 
And some see more than others, according as it is given to them.

Behold this crystal: How the one light is manifest in twelve faces
Yea, four times twelve, and each face reflected 
One ray of light
And one regards one face, and another regards another
But how it is the crystal and the one light that shines in all.
- Rev. Ouesley

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"I know what I have learned and what I have been given 
and that I have to learn how they translate to the terms used here".

                                                             - "Nikki"             

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People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, 
but they will always remember how you made them feel.

                                                 - Unknown Taxidriver

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